Alnet Technologies delivers Sage Intacct value proposition to SA market

Cloud solution, Sage Intacct – implemented by Alnet Technologies – has been designed and developed by finance professionals for finance professionals.

The solution was launched in SA by Sage last year.

Alnet Technologies – a Sage Intacct certified implementation specialist partner – empowers businesses with the finance technologies they need to transform and develop a culture of innovation.

According to Netesh Maharajh, MD, Alnet Technologies, the role and responsibilities of financial management has evolved over time. “In today’s commercial environment digital transformation is unquestionably integral to ongoing success. CFOs understand this and are increasingly focused on unlocking the potential of digitally transforming their businesses,” he says.

Sage Intacct, a best-in-class cloud financial solution, helps companies to optimise their businesses. “The Intacct cloud financial management platform delivers deep accounting capabilities across multiple industries and is designed with a single aim and that is to accelerate success.”

Maharajh notes this is a powerful foundation which provides robust technology infrastructure to organisations, making it easy to share data and integrate with best-of-breed solutions without excessive IT costs.

“The ever-changing business landscape – which has been compounded by the pandemic with its added challenges – has made digital transformation a business imperative. It is key, not just to competitive edge, but to the very ability to survive in these economic conditions in a world of everything online.

“Versatile modern business leaders are deploying cloud technologies as a strategy enabler that will help them to run their businesses more efficiently, while at the same time navigating today’s challenges with ease. The following are just some of the results that can be expected:

  • Technology requiring no infrastructure that can be operated on any device, anywhere, anytime;
  • Advanced data security;
  • Customised visibility and real-time reporting;
  • No manual upgrades;
  • Time saved as manual corrections are a thing of the past and replaced by well-structured functionality and modules using best-in-class technology that automates business processes;
  • Valuable insights, decreased costs, faster business growth with financial dashboards;
  • Reporting that turns data into insight with Sage Intacct’s innovative General Ledger, with features that capture business information relating to transactions, operational KPIs and budgets, to efficiently generate real-time reports on business performance without managing complex charts of accounts; and
  • A reporting platform with unsurpassed visibility, agility and flexibility to quickly slice-and-dice the details for key stakeholders in all facets of the business for confident decision-making.

“Sage Intacct adapts to workflow features and reporting requirements. It connects easily with other best-in-class, industry-specific solutions to deliver a truly tailored solution. Financial professionals from a wide variety of industries trust Sage Intacct to give them the time and insight they need to help their organisations grow,” says Maharajh.