Xperdyte Advanced Manufacturing

Xperdyte Manufacturing is a cost-effective solution for improved manufacturing resource planning and offers a seamless integration with the Sage Partner &
Sage Evolution Core Modules.

How does Xperdyte Advanced Manufacturing work?

  • Xperdyte Manufacturing extracts the raw materials from Sage Evolution into Work in Progress.
  • Takes control of all the cost elements during the production cycle.
  • Finished Goods are then returned, accurately costed into Sage Evolution’s finished goods inventory.
  • Manufacturing variances and efficiencies are posted to a manufacturing variance account in Sage Evolution’s General Ledger.

Software Features

Sage Integration

Xperdyte Manufacturing controls your production processes and brings all the aspects of your operating environment together, providing a holistic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for manufacturers.

Bill of Materials

The multi-level Bill of Materials forms the basis for setting standards against which works orders are measured, thereby enabling accurate costings, effective efficiency and complete control.

Work in Progress

Works Orders control the actual running and measurement of performance in production.

Component Tracking

Component tracking records the movement of components through the resources/machines within a work centre. Component tracking can be scheduled and all movements of components through resources can be tracked and monitored to find and overcome bottle necks.

Production Scheduling

Xperdyte Manufacturing provides effortless scheduling of production tasks, with the ability to schedule Works Order at Work Centre level.

Project Milestone Planning

Allows for the creation of project milestones where forecast plans can be set and measured against actual performance. This is useful in the building and engineering industries.

Material Requirement Planning

1) Ensure that materials are available for production and products are available for customers.

2) Maintain the lowest possible material and production levels in store.

3) Plan manufacturing activities, production planning and purchasing activities.

Quality Control

Xperdyte’s quality control can produce laboratory test results together with certificate of analysis reports (COA) and certificate of compliance reports (COC).

This can be done at at work centre level, o‌n lot/batch numbers, o‌n raw materials and during the production process.

Production Decanting

Controls all the items being taken out of stock which are required to produce the decanted item.

Returns to stock any re-usable materials extracted from the item which is being decanted from.

Calculates the Nett Cost of the decanted item.

Xperdyte Manufacturing uses standards to measure variances against actuals:

1. Bill of Materials/Works Orders

Standard v Actual is compared item by item in the 6 cost elements, namely, Work Centre, Machine Setup Time, Material, Labour, Buyout and Other costs

2. Material Requirements Planning

Historical projected quantities are compared to actual quantities on hand per time period.

3. Production Scheduling

Actual start and end times are monitored against scheduled times – results are colour coded for easy interpretation.

4. Quality & Statistical Process Control

Quality and Statistical Process Control results are monitored against standards.

The Multi-level Bill of Materials offer advanced costings which form the base for setting standards against which Works Orders are measured for complete and accurate control of your production activities.

  • Allocation of all costs as Fixed or Variable cost types.
  • Compensation for yield losses.
  • Powerful ‘what-if’ costing scenario functionality, applying marginal costing techniques.

Works Orders control the actual running and measurement of performance of jobs in production.

  • Product routing through works centers.
  • Prioritization of Works Orders.
  • Compare actual performance against pre-determined standards.
  • Allows barcode scanning for production feedback.
  • Bi-product output can be recorded and costed

The Xperdyte Manufacturing MRP modules simultaneously achieves four objectives

  • To ensure that materials are available for production and products are available for customers.
  • Maintain the lowest possible material and production levels in store.
  • Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities.
  • Xpernomics Graphing plots the future inventory optimization plan as well as retaining historical results for analysis

Xperdyte Manufacturing offers an interactive Production Scheduling calendar which allows Works Orders to be scheduled at Work Centre level.

  • Graphical representation of scheduling is effortless.
  • Touch Screens can be used to view tasks and enter feedback from the factory floor.
  • Users can drill down to the machine and operators performing the works order with start and stop times.
  • Create and set tests with tolerance levels and result parameters
  • Per Lot number and/or per work centre
  • Xperdyte will produce Laboratory and Certificate of Analysis reports (COA)

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