Sage CRM

Sage CRM is an affordable, adaptable and easy to use CRM solution designed with the needs of small and medium sized companies at its core.

Grow your business with an effective and powerful CRM

Using Sage CRM our customers save time, increase productivity and gain greater visibility across the business for actionable decision making.
Sage CRM is simple and easy to use, with an intuitive UI that is designed to help you be more productive and access all the information you need quickly and easily. It’s an intuitive CRM solution for growing companies – you and your team can get started within minutes.

An intuitive and easy to use CRM your teams will want to use

  • Drive efficiency and work smarter and faster with an intuitive CRM solution.
  • Gain valuable business insight and see how your business is performing, and take corrective action when needed.
  • Improve sales forecasting accuracy and make critical sales assessments against your business KPIs.
  • Give your teams the tools they need to succeed and easily automate their key business processes to help them get their job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Sell smarter and accelerate sales team performance, never missing an important deal.
  • Work anywhere, anytime and gain access to up-to-date customer information and prepare for important meetings while on the road.
  • Collaborate effectively across teams and put processes in place that help everyone become more productive and efficient.
  • Adapt Sage CRM to suit your unique business needs now and in the future.

Sage CRM Key Features

Supporting management with valuable business insight

Real-time access to important information from across the business gives business owners and managers the information they need to make strategic business decisions.

Evaluate how your business is performing in real-time

Gain insight into key sales performance indicators so you can determine how effective your sales efforts are and what corrective action needs to be taken.

Added business insight with Business Accelerators for Sales

Business Accelerators for Sales offer comprehensive sales-oriented data and insights, built-in alerts, sales workflows, dashboards, sales performance charts and KPIs enabling better insight for actionable decision making.

Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Insights

Get the most from your people with insight into your marketing, sales and customer service activities including the sales pipeline, marketing campaigns and ROI and customer service cases.

Sales Performance Analysis

Quickly assess how healthy your teams sales pipeline is for greater sales performance analysis. Gain insight into valuable information such as KPIs, sales performance, opened and closed sales, opportunities and forecasting data.

Reports and Dashboard

Management reports and dashboards provide at-a-glance insight into business performance through KPIs, comparisons and emerging trends.

Go Mobile and take Sage CRM with you

  • Perform key sales activities quickly and easily with Sage CRM’s native mobile apps.
  • Access key customer information, schedule and manage activities, view history, and record email, calls, and notes.
  • Work effectively on the go and quickly search and update contacts, opportunities, leads and cases.
  • Choose from fully-featured mobile CRM or our dedicated sales apps.

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